Sunday, 9 October 2016

Milk Overflow? See this hack..

I seriously hate when this happens and it almost happens every time my mum allots me for this duty. . Seriously sucks! 😂

You're boiling milk, you turn your back for a moment, and—boom!— the milk is boiling over the pot and all over the stove.. 😣

So last time when I was waiting for it to be boiled (such a big duty aah), I was bored of waiting enough and googled "Milk Boiling Hack". I came across one and experimented it at that very moment and it really worked.

So here it is :
Just lay a wooden spoon across your pot of boiling milk and it will never overflow..

And thankfully this trick works for everything that you are boiling.. I tried this one on tea too and guess what? It worked!



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