Thursday, 31 August 2017

Review: Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Cream

*This review is based upon my oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. The review is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link*

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good.

Due to increasing pollution in the environment, our skin tends to age faster than it should because of the damage going underneath. Photoageing is a serious problem and is caused by repeated exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. A lot of you know that I am a skincare enthusiast and take my skin very seriously but hardly any one of you would know that I am photoallergic. I tend to get severe sunburns, itchiness, irritation, infections and tanning a lot faster than normal people. I completely left going in the sun after a terrible allergy and sun burn which left me a Vitamin D deficient for one and a half year. My face gets full of acne and there is a war of breakouts going on if I step in to the sun for more than twenty minutes. My skin is as sensitive as you can think of due to which I know the importance of a sunscreen or Photoageing cream way more than you.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Review: Anatomicals The Buff Stuff- "Citrus Body Scrub"

*This review is based upon my oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. The review is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link*

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good.

As I always say, scrubbing is a very essential yet highly underestimated part of the skin care regime by most of the girls. It is an extremely important step of the entire cleansing routine because it removes the dead skin cells and cleans impurities deeply. Also, it is not a new practice and is being followed by women since the ancient time. I have already discussed the benefits of scrubbing our body here and here.. I am very particular about keeping my skin clean and do exfoliate my entire body at a regular interval of time. You should never skip a scrub even if you are not in the mood to spend your money. DIYs are always your saviors!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Review: Anatomicals Smoother Butts Love Coconuts - "Coconut and Mango Body Lotion"

*This review is based upon my oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. The review is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link*

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good.

Be it dry skin or oily, every skin types needs to be moisturised to maintain its natural balance and keep it soft. When I did not know much about skin care, I always neglected a body lotion because I thought I had oily skin and didn't need it. The truth is if you provide your skin with enough oils and moisturization, it will not produce any excess and will stay balanced and calm. Moisturisng the skin every day by using a lotion can prevent oiliness that can ultimately prevent acne. 

There are thousands of products in the market today meant for various skin types and issues, it is just a matter of your knowledge and choice whether you buy the best product for your skin. Do not skip a body lotion/moisturiser but make sure you buy a water based product having a light texture and non greasy formula.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Review: Coccoon Eternal Youth Smart Night Serum + Intense Repair

*Not a sponsored post and there is no affiliate link given

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good.

No one of us wants to look old, right? Well I'll not say "we don't want to grow old" because I don't know about you, but atleast I want to. I want to see every phase of my life and live it fully with my loved ones.. Not being sentimental, let's see this from a skincare lover's point of view. Wrinkles, ageing and stuff like that seems like a horror to every single woman out there, right? Either you are stepping into your thirties where these factors may haunt you or you don't want to be in such a phase, youth serums come in handy. They are very helpful in instant smoothing and tightening of the skin along with reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. A youth serum acts as a barrier between our skin and the environment to protect it from the harmful UV rays, pollution, weather conditions and other age damaging factors. It also revitalizes, brightens, smoothes and improves the overall texture of our skin,.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Review: Inveda BB Cream | Matt Colour

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good.

As you guys know, I am more of a skincare person and I apply makeup occasionally. A lot of you wouldn't even believe that I didn't own a foundation till mid 2016. Ever since I entered the makeup world, Pond's BB cream had been my go to because it is tinted, gives me a little coverage, provides my skin with necessary hydration and covers my blemishes. It was my savior whenever I needed to look blemishes/scars free but the only issue I found in it was the fact that it was a bit too oily for oily skin people out there. I literally craved for a BB cream which gave me a fine amount of coverage without harming my skin and at the same time, left a matte finish.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Review: The Nature’s Co Vanilla - Vitamin E Face Cream

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good.

August's GlamEgo box has been extremely generous to its subscribers by giving them a face cream that is love at first sight, literally. Today I am going to review the Vanilla - Vitamin E Face Cream by The Nature’s Co which is made exclusively for GlamEgo Box.. A face cream boosts the skin's hydration, makes it nourished and is ideal for everyday application, especially for people who come from the dry skin family. Anyone there? 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Review: Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser (Hibiscus, Amla & Bhrami)

{Disclaimer: This review is based upon my fine-thin, silky hair with an oily scalp}

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good.

Living in the hot and humid conditions of India, your hair need a lot of care and protection from the dirt, dust particles, bacteria, sun rays and tons of damage. Who wants to have damaged hair, right? Obviously no one.. But treating and caring the right way needs a bunch of amazing products in addition to the perfect hair care regime. The Indian climate and temperature is really cruel for the hair and is enough to make them look lifeless and damaged. Being a hair care enthusiast, I try so many DIYs, natural treatments and haircare products to keep my hair look healthy, shiny and styled. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

Review: Neemli Naturals Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Hi Guys! I hope you're doing good..

Few days ago, when I received my GlamEgo box for August, I was extremely happy to get Activated Charcoal Mask in it. I was planning to buy a Charcoal Mask from around a month and I was so glad that I found it in my box.. A beautiful skin is not very easy to maintain and takes a lot of time and effort. Even the smallest mistakes can lead to a huge acne war and terror.. Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping us to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne due to which I love it so much.* It also helps pull the dirt out of the facial pores, making them less visible.. Activated charcoal has been traditionally used for a lot of purposes such as purifying water, cleaning teeth and making the skin bright and clear.. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Review: Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream | Shade 403

Hi Guys! How are you all? I hope you're doing good.

Today I am going to share my review about Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream, shade 403 with you all. Incolor lip creams are actually a dupe of Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams and you can hardly tell the difference at first sight. Incolor lip creams have 19 shades in their range which is so good and versatile to choose from, numbering as 401, 402, 403, .... , 419! You can check the entire range of Incolor lip creams here.. 
Before moving on into the review, let me share my thoughts on lip creams. Lip creams are generally the liquid lipsticks with more creamy formulation to glide on in one smooth application with no need for a second coat. They have a light texture and are very comfortable to wear. Some of you would have already tried Incolor lip creams and some of you would have been thinking of trying them, so without blabbering much, let me just dive into the review to share my experience and thoughts to help you decide whether you want to spend your money on these or not.

Product Description, Claims, Ingredients: I feel really upset by the fact that no information about these lip creams have been published on the internet or on the lip cream by the brand.
Cost: Generally available round Rs. 200-Rs. 350 for 6 ml or 0.21 fl. oz.
I bought this for just Rs. 190 from a local store..

Shelf Life: 39 months

Packaging: This lip cream doesn't come in a cardboard box or a carton packaging, instead it is cling wrapped and sealed. It comes in a plastic, transparent, cuboidal tube which shows the exact color of the lipstick and has a plastic, matte-black, screw top lid. The packaging is classy, light weight, spill-proof, travel friendly and chic. The applicator wand is long, soft and thin at top which allows to draw precise outline on the lips.
Smell: Odorless

Texture and Consistency: The texture of this product is just same as liquid lipsticks, not very buttery or creamy unlike lip creams while the consistency is good enough for a smooth application.

Staying Power: 4-5 hours

Pigmentation: This lip cream is highly and gorgeously pigmented and the color pays off in a single swipe.
Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream | Swatch of a single swipe
My thoughts on Shade 403: Even though all colors available in this range are warm toned and suitable for Indian skin tone, shade 403 was literally love at first sight for me. It is a beautiful pink shade that is neither too light nor too dark.

My Experience: All the colors available in these lip creams range are so beautiful that it is literally a hard choice to choose between them. After much thinking, I finally bought shade 403 which is a gorgeous pink and also because I have a lot of Reds in my vanity. Even though the texture of this lip cream is not as creamy as I think it should be, it glides on to the lips easily and dries quickly giving a highly matte finish. The quick drying factor needs you to apply the lipstick really fast otherwise it'll go on crumbly and patchy. I love the fact that this lip cream is long-lasting and is highly pigmented. The first time I applied it was when I had to attend a buffet and it matched my dress beautifully. I always carry my compact and lipstick with me to events and parties just like everyone out there for touch ups.

While in the party, I was happy inside that this lipstick doesn't need any touch up, the pigmentation is still the same after two and a half hours, blah blah blah but I had an embarrassing time when my sister pointed out while having dinner that my lipstick was wearing off. I know the fact that liquid lipsticks require complete removal for a touch up otherwise they can look patchy and flaky, so I instantly reapplied it and was sorted. Overall it was a good experience except the wearing-off fact.
I also found that its overdrying after removing it up at the end of the day. I have tried it many times after that party, making sure I apply a lipbalm underneath but most of all, I try to skip it during buffets and places where I need to eat oily food and Indian buffets, you know! The maximum time it has stayed on my lips without eating or drinking has been four and a half hours and after that, it starts fading from the centre of the lips.

Thus, it is not ideal for attending dinner parties or places where you're supposed to eat because then it starts fading from the centre and looks really messy. It lasts only till the time you eat or drink anything. Like all other liquid lipsticks, you need to remove it fully for a touch up otherwise it goes on patchy. This is not really a lip cream according to me as the formulation is not creamy and buttery as meant to be.

Pros of Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream:
  • Beautiful shades range to choose from
  • Matte finish
  • Easy to use applicator, helps in precise application
  • Highly pigmented
  • Good staying power
  • Comfortable to wear and doesn't feel heavy 
  • Glides on smoothly on the lips
  • Doesn't feel sticky
  • Little amount of product required for a huge color pay-off
  • Travel friendly, classy, chic packaging
  • Spill proof
  • Long shelf life
  • Easily available in market or on online shopping portals
  • Affordable and cheap
  • Easy to remove unlike other liquid lipsticks

Cons of Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream:
  • No MRP, no ingredients list mentioned
  • Highly matte
  • Over drying
  • Shows fine lines
  • Starts fading and peeling off from the centre of the lips after eating or drinking
  • Not buildable as it looks really patchy on double coat

Will I repurchase it?
Yes. I don't mind its cons as I am so in love with its color and overall feel. I can manage all the issues ultimately and would to repurchase more and more shades.

Will I recommend it?
Yes. This lipstick is just so affordable and good that I recommend you to give it a try once. Make sure to follow my advice and you'll have a good experience with it hopefully.

Is it worth the money?
Yes. Such beautiful shades, comfortable to wear, amazing pigmentation, long staying power, chic and classy packaging.. I cannot ask for more in just Rs. 200.

My Ratings: 4/5

Final Verdict: I don't mind wearing such comfortable matte lipsticks again and again even though they get removed while eating. You can rock them in pictures and in small meetings. I love the pigmentation, the staying power and the overall finish. All the colors are beautiful and worth picking up.

My Advice: Make sure to prep your lips by exfoliating them and moisturizing them before applying this lip cream as it is highly matte and feels overdrying without a moisturiser or balm underneath. If you are wearing it in a bigger occasion, make sure to touch up in four hours by completely removing it.

So that's it for today guys! I hope you liked this post! Do let me know by commenting below. Don't forget to share this post and follow my blog..

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Happy Independence Day | My Tribute to India

Hi Everyone..

Wishing you all a very very Indian Happy Independence Day.. 

This year India has marked 70 years of freedom and thanks to our Freedom Fighters. I wish I could thank our forefathers who have gien us a land of peace and happiness where we can sleep whole night without any fear. I wish this Independence I become more responsible towards India and do whatever I am capable of.. Lets pledge to work together to bring the change... I like millions of people cannot wait to see an India which is free of all evils, free from diseases, clean, healthy, sanitized, free from terrorism, violence, corruption and caste difference.. Ask to yourself if you have even done 70 good deeds for your nation? 

Well, I am not here for giving any speech or lecture, I am just sharing what I feel for my nation and as a tribute, I feel really happy to tell you guys that I have written a poem for India. This is my first ever poem and I know it isn't very good but you guys are my family and I am confident in sharing my first attempt with you all..
Different caste, color and creed,
I belong to the Indian breed.
Mountains, plateaus, plains and waterfall,
India in it has them all.
Multiple cultures, traditions and diversities,
Can never be found in other countries.
Indian heritage, art and architecture,
Cannot be better than any conjecture.
Our museums, artifacts, monuments and libraries,
Can compete with all contemporaries.
Our bravery, knowledge, love and wisdom,
Is a gift to us by fighters of freedom.
Our faith and serenity is worth an example,
The world cannot have it ample.
Smell our chhole, kulche and biryani,
You will forget the perfumes of Armani.
Step into our beauty and fashion,
In your life you'll have a new passion.
Work hard to make it clean,
You'll feel like a King or Queen.
This Independence day lets take an oath,
We'll do everything for our nation's growth.

So that's it for today guys.. That was my little effort and tribute to India.. I hope you all liked this post. Do let me know how was the poem.. All your comments mean so much to me...! Don't forget to share this post and follow my blog..

Happy Independence Day once again guys!

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Hearty Diaries is Nominated for The Liebster Award | 100th Post

Hi Guys. I hope you all are good.

I am so excited to share a really good news with you all! I have been nominated for The Liebster Award. Few months ago, when I started my blogging journey, I never thought it would mean so much to me and it would get a lot of new friends, supporters and recognition to me. Trust me, I never thought I would ever get so much love as you guys give me. I have miles to go and have bigger and bigger goals and aims for this blog, but wherever I am today, is what I could expect the least and means a lot to me.

Also this is my hundredth post on this blog and trust me guys, I had been thinking and planning about it for so long. I really wanted this post to be special and something different and it was at the perfect time, that I was nominated for this award. There are a few blogger terms you don't know or know least when you're a beginner. To me such terms were The Liebster Award, Alexa Ranking, SEO, Trackback and so on. I researched about this award when I was around two months in this journey and thought I would need years to get to this place. I never thought you guys will love me so much and would think of me being worthy of this honour. To those, who still don't know about it, please keep on reading...

What is The Liebster Award?

This award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It has German origins – the word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart and boyfriend. It follows similar principles as a chain letter, in the sense that it should be passed forward to a certain number of people. It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. 

Other awards are a part of the whole “meme“. These include “One Lovely Blog Award”, the “Sunshine Blog Award” and the “Versatile Writer Award”.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Review: My Envy Box August 2017 | Unboxing | First Impressions | Mini Reviews

Hi Guys! How are you all?? I hope you are good.

I am back with another review and unboxing of my personal favorite and a very luxurious subscription box, "My Envy Box" with you all. This month, unlike the last month, I got the box quite early and I am so happy with it.. Although I knew My Envy Box is a really amazing box, I never thought I'd love it box so much.
My Envy Box Logo

For those who don't know much about this box, let me tell you guys!

My Envy Box is a leading discovery commerce platform and they are redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop for the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market. 

Order Process:

First go to! A dialogue box appears that asks you to subscribe to them via your email and in return, you can avail Rs. 100 discount as well as some exclusive offers on your favorite beauty products.. I have already subscribed to them..

Next, you see the homepage where you get to see a blink of August edition of Beauty Box!
They have also given a coupon on full sized products on their website which is valid till the stocks last..

Lets just check their subscription plans where the shipping charge is free but COD charge is Rs. 50.

For one month subscription box, you earn 213 Envy Points where 1 Envy Point = 1 Rupee. Similarly, you earn 557 Envy Points for three months subscription..

I am leaving buy links for you guys in case you're interested in buying the July 2017 Box.. They're not affiliate, giving them just for your help!
My Envy Box | August 2017

Packaging of the Box: 

The box came in a white cardboard box having exactly the same size to keep the Envy Box safe and secure. Coming to the actual box, the quality is amazing. It is made up of good quality, thick cardboard, has a nice packaging, beautiful lavender colored detailing and the best of all, it has a magnetic lock which is really sturdy and enough to keep the box safe from mishandling. This time my box isn't very neatly made but I don't mind it. I love the overall service and quality; will fix it up with glue and reuse it

When I opened the box, there was a card at the top which says "August Beauty Box" and again has a lavender color detailing.
 It has the list of all the products inside along with individual cost and description..
 Have a closer look..
 There is one more card inside by the brand "Seer Secrets"..
 Have a closer look..

The box has the perfect size to hold the contents properly. It prevents the products from moving here and there and keeps them safe. The products are well arranged and wrapped in hay. I don't mind having hay, quilling paper or bubble wrap inside until and unless my products are safe.

Inside the box: 

This month the box has five products out of which three are full sized and two are sample sized products.
1. Soultree Lipstick (Full Sized)
Cost: Rs. 550 for 4.5 gm

Product Description: Enriched with organic sweet almond oil,wild honey and organic ghee, which makes it rich in moisture and good for your lips. Natural origin colours, organic sweet almond oil, wild honey and organic ghee (clarified butter) combine in this moisture rich lip wear to give your lips a vibrant dash of colour...

My thoughts: Since this is an ayurvedic lipcare product, is certified by Germany and is a vegetarian product, I am already in love with it. This lipstick has a gorgeous silver color and my shade is copper mine, no. 213. 

Unfortunately this lipstick broke as soon as I opened it for the first time.. I don't know what happened but it broke.. Anyways, this shade is really pretty and would look extremely pretty on my mum, so i'll give it to her.. The texture of this lipstick is creamy but it leaves a matte finish which I love..

2. Seer Secrets - Tranquility Facial Mist (Full Sized)
Cost: Rs. 297 for 100 ml

Product Description: Seer Secret's Silverated Lavender and Geranium Tranquility Facial Mist is a perfect step to add into your daily skin care regimen. This refreshing facial mist can also be used multiple times per day as a gentle skin refresher. It is made with 100% natural ingredients to give you the ultimate skin refreshing treatment. Embrace the best nourishing routine for natural beauty. Daily application will ensure exceptional results. A simple spray or two of the facial essence ensures that you provide your skin with the nutrients it needs.

My thoughts: The bottle is transparent, light weight and travel friendly. It smells exactly like lavender and feels really refreshing. I would love to spritz it all over my face because I love how beautiful the fragrance is.
 Have a closer look at the bottle..

3. Iraa - Eye Serum (Full Sized)
Cost: Rs. 490 for 20 gm

Product Description: Iraa Instarenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream is a night cream with unique blend of Exotic Algae, Grapeseed, Cucumber and Shea Butter. Enriched with Vitamin E and anti-ageing properties. This cream helps in reducing puffiness, fine lines, reduce wrinkles and dark circles. This fast absorbing, fragrance free formula is designed to soothe the delicate eye area leaving the skin moisturised and giving you a renewed, youthful look.

My thoughts: The July version of My Envy Box also had a sample by Iraa but this time, its a full sized product This tube is really slim and chic... By reading such a powerful description, I can't wait to try it out and see what it does.. I love the fact that it is meant for all skin types.
The cream is white in color and has a light consistency. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all..

4. Elixir Shop - Zaria Skin Brightening Serum (Sample Sized)
Cost: Rs. 550 for 5 ml sample and Rs. 1800 for 30 ml full sized product

Product Description: With Lavender and Rosemary blended in Elixir's signature formulation, Zaria goes deep into the inner layers of the skin and brings out a beautiful youthful radiance. It starts by lightening the dark spots and blemishes, and slowly evens out the skin tone. Zaria leaves the skin feeling healthy and glowing naturally, giving you the perfect "no-makeup" look. This is a must have serum to complement your daily beauty regime. Start by washing your face and then take 3-5 drops of Zaria and apply it all over your face and neck, avoiding the eyes. After applying the serum just wait 1 minute for it to absorb and then you can apply any other product.

My thoughts: Such an expensive product!! I hope it works for me.. I am actually most excited about using this one because I have got some really stubborn acne spots on my face after a breakout last month. I wish it does as it claims. This serum smells so strong, just like those joint pain oils which I don't like.. The bottle is made up of glass which is prone to breakage, so I'll have to take special care because I'm really good at dropping things.
 This serum doesn't look very greasy which is a good thing for people having oily skin like me.

5. Nyassa- Divine Lotus Body Lotion (Sample Sized)
Cost: Rs. 105 for 35 ml sample and Rs. 425 for 145 ml full sized product

Product Description: Nyassa's Divine Lotus Body Lotion contains Lotus Extracts and Wheatgerm Oil. Lotus Extract is an effective natural moisturizer and also acts as a toning agent making your skin taut and younger looking. High in Vitamin E and protein, Wheatgerm Oil helps promote new skin cell growth, making for younger looking skin. It leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft, smooth and nourished.

My thoughts: This bottle is made up of plastic, is light weight and sturdy. I wish the packaging was better and had a pump or something of that sort. The lotion is white in color, smells nice and has a non greasy, light consistency..
 Have a closer look..

Overall experience:

I am really happy with this month's box and the overall quality, even more than last month. The brands are really luxurious and offer amazing care. I haven't tried even a single product out of it, so I am highly excited to try them soon. I'll try the products as soon as possible and will make sure to review each one of them. This time I am a little disappointed from the manufacturing point of view but I'll fix it!! Overall, I love this month's box!

Pros of Envy Box July 2017:

  • Quality brands
  • Amazing and worthy luxury products
  • Cruelty free products
  • Three full sized products
  • Offer a saving of Rs. 1142
  • No shipping charge
  • Amazing quality and design of the box
  • Sturdy and secure packaging
  • User friendly site
  • Helpful and fast customer service
  • Many discounts, promo codes and deals available

Cons of Envy Box August 2017:

  • No customization choice available at the time of placing order
  • Rs. 50 COD charge
  • This time the box is not well made

Will I recommend it?

Definitely and highly. I love every single product in the box and I'll highly recommend it to you guys. This review is not at all sponsored. I love the lipstick because it is lead, petroleum and carmine free and then I love Zaria Elixir.. I just wish these products perform well on me..

My Ratings: 5/5

* Box sent by Brand for reviewing purpose, but my reviews are honest and unbiased!

Watch my YouTube Unboxing and Review here..

So that's it for today guys! I hope you liked this post! Do let me know by commenting below. Don't forget to share this post and follow my blog..

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Review: Oriflame Sweden Pure Colour Intense Lipstick - Fabulous Fuchsia

Hi Guys! How are you all?

Today I am sharing my review about another product from my Oriflame haul, the Pure Colour Intense Lipstick... Last week, I reviewed the Pure Colour Lipstick in shade Rich Red, click here to read it. 

These lipsticks also have eight shades in their range - Daring Berry, Dark Burgundy, Warm Rust, Fabulous Fuchsia, Pretty Purple, Baked Purple, Baked Brick, Forest Berries and Cocoa Brown. These colors are look intense and dark as suggested by the lipstick's name. Pure color intense range is slightly expensive as compared to pure color lipstick and has a nice selection of different shades and pigments to suit every mood and personality. To know more, keep on reading this review til the end...

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Review: Eat Any Time Nutritional Snack Bars

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored and there is no affiliate link given.

Hi Everyone!! I hope you all are doing good...

Today I am here to share my review about another snacks from a really innovative brand, Eat Any Time.. Few days ago, I received five amazing low calorie bars that are high in protein, are made up of 100% natural ingredients, are nutritionally balanced and free of animal products. We all love chocolates, nuts, sweet and spicy flavors but somehow they're unhealthy for our body and skin.. These bars are low in sugar and fats, contain oats and are a perfect example to break the myth, "Healthy snacking cannot be delicious".
They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, the goodness of antioxidants, minerals and the Omega 3 and are a perfect replacement for chocolate & chips for kids.. Eat Any Time bars are healthy energy bars which are a great amalgamation of taste and nutrition. They are working really well to replace junk food with 100% natural ingredients such as Nuts, Oats, Seeds, Dates, etc.

Lets read what the brand has to say about themselves..
"Be it a busy morning or a lazy evening, hunger pangs in between the meals is well known to all of us. Amidst the crowd and chaos of the Junk and unhealthy food around us, a healthy –wholesome choice for snacking wise, is what we yearn to bring to you. Health is the wealth we promise every time you E.A.T."
Have a look at all the variants available..


  • No added sugar
  • Your snack pack - balanced meal
  • Gluten free
  • Zero cholesterol
  • High in fiber and protein

Availability: Here and here..

Shelf Life: 5 months

Instructions: Store in a cool, dark place. Store open bars in the refrigerator.

I have got the following variants: Mango Ginger, Choco Peanut Butter, Bambaiya Chaat, Orange and Butterscotch. They also have a variant called Cool Mint which is such an unexpected flavour and I wish to try it out soon.. Now without taking more time, I'll quickly start reviewing all five bars...

Mango Ginger Bars 

Cost: Rs. 250 for Pack of 6 bars
Total Weight: 228g (38g X 6 bars)

Product Description:
Never miss the taste of mango ginger anytime. Any season your longing for the mango ginger smoothie’s flavour will be contented by the Eatanytime’s mango ginger snack bar. This energy bar is bestowed upon all of us as bliss from the king of fruits alphonso mango. Boost your immune system with all natural flavours which liquesce in your mouth to bring a squish of nutriment on the go.
My thoughts: Mango ginger snack bar seemed like a completely new variant to me which intrigued me to try it first!! I've never heard of this combination before.. Eat Any Time did not fail in fulfiling my expectations... I tasted something like this for the first time in my life. Its not extremely sweet and not extremely sour.. Its the perfect recipe of making my mood turn on! It also has a hint of aam-papad taste to it which I love! This bar has 0g added sugar, 0mg cholesterol, 0g transfat, 0% gluten, 3g mufa and 4g protein in it..
This bar has a very soft texture and has a perfect balance of oats and nuts which seem really tasty while taking the bite..

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Cost: Rs. 250 for Pack of 6 bars
Total Weight: 228g (38g X 6 bars)

Product Description: We have a product for you which will feed a simple but decadent confection that used to quell the urge to dip your chocolate bar in the peanut butter. You can resort to Chocolate-Peanut Butter bar as a therapy to turn your bad day to a good one and as a mini party retreat you can share with your loved one to make it your day.
My thoughts: This is such a tasty chocolate bar that I am left with no words.. I have never tasted something so amazing like this.. All the ingredients can be felt inside the mouth in a single bite.. There is a perfect balance of oats, peanut butter, sugar, salt, chocolate! I just love its taste!! This chocolate literally stimulates my taste buds and there is nothing so good like this for a foodie... This chocolate is a perfect blend of all ingredients.. It is crispy, crumbly, soft, sweet and amazing.. This bar has 4g dietary fiber, 0g refinedd sugar, 1.5g pufa, 3.2g mufa and 4.8 g protein in it..

Bambaiya Chaat Bars 

Cost: Rs. 250 for Pack of 6 bars
Total Weight: 228g (38g X 6 bars)

Product Description: No more sacrificing the taste for good health. Yes we have just got what you had dreamt of every time you had a craving for the roadside Chaat. Eat Anytime’s Bambaiya Chaat has just fulfilled your prayers and brought to you the taste of Bambaiya Chaat along with the goodness of health and hygiene.
My thoughts: This is the most unexpected flavor you could find in the entire snack/food industry!!! People who love trying out different flavors and love eating spicy can find nothing better than this.. I can feel achari masti going on in my mouth with a balanced taste of spices, salt and sugar... This bar, like all other bars, is loaded with an amazing taste and lots of nuts & leaves a sumptuous taste in my mouth.. I could have never expected bambaiya chaat to be there and this one successfully fulfills my roadside chaat cravings..This bar has 5g dietary fiber, 0g refined sugar, 2g pufa, 2.2g mufa and 5.3g protein in it..
 It is soft, crumbly and crunchy in texture..

Orange Bars - 240 g (Pack of 6)

Cost: Rs. 250 for Pack of 6 bars
Total Weight: 240g (40g X 6 bars)

Product Description: The goodness of health with a twist of tangy orange makes your eating experience more fruitful. Meet the all-rounder with a perfect balance of hidden whole foods is sure to amplify the fun with munch of oats and almonds. A titillating and mouth-watering base of dates with a splash of orange brings you a taste that will boggle your mind and boost your energy levels to a new high. . This flavour is liked by not only the fruitarians but also the people who due to their busy lifestyle do not have the access to fresh fruits won't miss them if they taste the orange flavor in the EAT Anytime Fitness bar which is far more nutritious and healthier.
My thoughts: This bar smells and tastes exactly like oranges.. I have literally grown up eating orange cream biscuits and as soon as I opened the wrapper, I could smell my childhood.. This bar has a really soft texture and a very nice taste. Tangy fruity mouthwatering oranges enough to splash you with freshness throughout the day. Again this bar also has nuts inside it like all other bars and it has a beautiful, balanced and perfect flavor of oranges.. You would not regret buying it and would immediately reconnect to your tangy-citrusy version... This bar is highly delicious and has an amazing combination of chocolate and orange... This bar has 0g added sugar, 0mg cholesterol, 0g transfat, 0% gluten, 3g mufa and 4g protein in it..

Butterscotch Bars

Cost: Rs. 250 for Pack of 6 bars
Total Weight: 240g (40g X 6 bars)

Product Description: EAT Anytime healthy snacks and nutrition bars are made from natural ingredients likes nuts, oats, seeds, dates which provides a balanced meal on the go which is now available in three flavours butterscotch, cool mint and tangy orange. Each bar is full of energy to keep you active and attentive throughout your day and helps reduce weight to keep you fit. Grab your bite and start living a more productive life.
My thoughts: This bar has a soft texture, is crumbly and crunchy but to a fine and balanced extent.. When they say Butterscotch, they mean it.. Every single bite in the mouth feels as if you are in the world of butterscotch... People who love Butterscotch flavor would love it because it really tastes like that.. The nuts are crunchy and makes the entire bar interesting and yummy... I highly enjoyed the buttery sweetness of this bar and it is the perfect treat for me and my family... It smells really nice and reminds me of my childhood... I hope I am not the only one who loves Butterscotch to the moon and back.. It can be a great and a healthy replacement for chocolates and also for the people who have a sweet tooth. This bar has 2.5g dietary fiber, 0mg cholesterol, 0g transfat, 5g mufa and 4g protein in it..

Overall Experience: I am extremely happy with my experience with EAT Anytime nutritional bars. They have come up with such revolutionary products to improve the health and quality of food for each and every one who is looking forward for healthy living. Each bar has a really delicious flavor and it feels like a treat to my taste buds. There is a goodness of oats, nuts, seeds and sweets in each bar which provides instant energy and has proteins in it.. I am overall very happy in terms of quantity, quality, variety, price point, everything.. I respect the fact that they are helping the underprivileged people by donating one rupee from each Eat Anytime bar that they sell. It is a really good replacement for unhealthy snacks, chocolates, junk food, etc. The taste of these bars is really awesome and I highly recommend you guys to try them..

Pros of Eat Any Time Snack Bars:

  • High in protein and fibre
  • 100% Natural ingredients 
  • Low in refined sugar and fats
  • Contain the goodness of antioxidants, minerals and Omega 3
  • Easy to digest
  • Provide instant energy
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Gluten free
  • Zero cholesterol
  • Delicious taste
  • Unexpected and amazing flavours
  • Healthy and nutritional
  • Perfect for people who diet
  • Contain the power of seeds, nuts and oats
  • Light weight
  • Balanced taste
  • Lifts up my mood
  • Good quality
  • Travel and pocket friendly
  • Ingredients well mentioned

Cons of Eat Any Time Snack Bars:

  • None.

My Ratings: 5/5
*PR sample

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